About Park Bank

How Park Bank became Park Bank.

Park Bank, named for the street upon which our first branch was and is still located, opened its doors for business on July 18, 1966. Operating for 17 years from a single location, Park Bank, now Madison's longest serving community bank, has built a solid reputation for competitive products and an honest, friendly approach to business. An approach our clients have found - and continue to find - to be quite refreshing.

Naturally, demand for this unique brand of banking grew and fueled a careful expansion strategy that continues to this day. The foundation of our success? The trust placed in us by new and long-term clients who appreciate our community-based banking philosophy. For along the way, we learned an important lesson that we apply to all that we do - to build client loyalty as a bank, you need to be more than a bank.

In many ways, Park Bank is today the same financial institution started as a single branch in 1966. We live by the same dedication to friendly, personalized service that provided our early clients with a welcome alternative to our larger competitors. Our promise is just that, a pledge to always take into consideration the effect our actions have on the lives of those who bank with us. And this results in a better banking experience for you.

Because you deserve it.