Switch to Park Bank

Ready to switch to Park Bank? We’re ready to help.

Changing banks doesn’t need to be a big scary thing. In fact, when you switch to Park Bank we’ll do everything we can to help make it easy. After all, that’s what Park Bank is all about. So call us. To help make the process a smooth one, please use this simple checklist and the forms provided to make the move from your current financial institution frustration-free.

Before closing your old account:

  • Balance your checkbook. A clean break will save you headaches later.
  • If you use eStatement, print the statements you wish to file on your old account (optional).
  • Update your direct deposit information, and keep your old account open until your regular deposits show up at Park Bank. This form will help you make the move: Switch — Direct Deposit
  • Make sure that your address and telephone number are current at your old bank. This will avoid any year-end interest reporting issues for tax purposes.
  • Switch any automatic payments made from your old account.
  • Contact those businesses authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your old account and give them your new routing and account number. Use this form to make the change: Switch — Withdrawal
  • Talk with a Park Bank associate about consolidating loans, credit cards, safe deposit boxes or other services to Park Bank.

When closing your old account:

  • Put it in writing. Close your account with a letter instead of a phone call, and be sure to include your address and phone number — especially if you're changing neighborhoods as well as banks. This helpful form will help you spread the word: Switch — Close Account
  • Keep a copy of your letter — and any closing confirmation from your old bank — in your own financial records.
  • Shred your old checks and debit cards from your old account for security purposes.