Board of Directors

Chad R. Armstrong Chad R. Armstrong

President, Preferred Title

Craig J. Christianson Craig J. Christianson

North America Commercial Operations and General Counsel, Promega

Wayne R. Harris Wayne R. Harris

President/Owner, 6AM Marketing

James H. Hegenbarth James H. Hegenbarth

President/CEO, Park Bank

James R. Imhoff, Jr. James R. Imhoff, Jr.

Chairman/CEO, First Weber Realty

Timothy J. Kritter Timothy J. Kritter

President/CEO, TJK Design & Construction

Andres S. Petersen Andrew S. Petersen

Senior Vice President-Corporate Affairs, TDS Telecommunications Corp.

George A. Reuhl George A. Reuhl

Director Emeritus at Park Bank

James A. Senty James A. Senty

Chairman of the Board and President, Midwest Bottle Gas Co.

Paul J. Senty Paul J. Senty

Executive Vice President/General Counsel, Park Bank

Jeremy C. Shea, Esq. Jeremy C. Shea, ESQ.

Retired Senior Partner, Quarles & Brady

Susan A. Springman Susan A. Springman

Senior Project Manager, Mullins Group